Free Licenses for CodonCode Aligner

CodonCode Corporation supports teaching and research by making free licenses available through two separate programs: teaching licenses and free license grants.

Teaching Licenses

Educators who want to use CodonCode Aligner in for college-level course work can apply for free temporary teaching licenses. For short-term use (up to 30 days) in classes, the trial version of CodonCode Aligner may be sufficient, since every student who uses CodonCode Aligner for the first time will automatically get a fully functional 30-day trial after installing CodonCode Aligner.

If you would like to use CodonCode Aligner for more than 30 days in classes, or if your or your students may have used trial versions of CodonCode Aligner previously, please look at the detailed instructions for applying for teaching licenses.

Free License Grants

Researchers at universities and non-profit organizations who would like to use CodonCode Aligner in their research, but do not have the funds to purchase a license, can apply for a free license. CodonCode Corporation will make free personal licenses available on a regular basis to qualifying applicants (subject to the receipt of qualifying applications).

The Free License Grant Program was announced in a press release on May 6, 2009. To apply for a free CodonCode Aligner license, please follow the license grant application instructions.


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